BMT 024: Finding Jobs Abroad with Kodee Cloninger

Finding Jobs Abroad

Many of us wish we could get paid to travel. What we don’t always understand is that there are multiple ways to make that happen. Our guest for this episode is Miss Kodee Cloninger, a 26-year-old jet-setter who lets work opportunities take her overseas. Kodee shares how she found her various positions in different countries and gives us some ideas about how to look for temporary and seasonal work abroad. Kodee’s opinions are her own, unaffiliated with any of the organizations she references.

Kodee Cloninger was born in the beautiful state of Montana and has always had the desire to see and know all the beautiful places outside its borders. She focused her studies on politics, history, and international economics and has leveraged that passion to work abroad in a number of ways since college. Her adventures and opportunities have taken her to multiple Latin American countries in the last few years, and new doors are constantly opening for her, beckoning her to more corners of the world.

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Episode 24 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

Kodee details several of the jobs that she has held overseas, including her time in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. She also shares some tips about taking a TEFL course overseas like the one she did in Peru. Along with details about her own positions, she gives several tips about how to go about finding your own jobs abroad.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Máximo Nivel – Kodee’s job in Guatemala and TEFL course in Peru
  • La Esperanza – Kodee’s volunteer job in Nicaragua
  • – Short-term job opportunities overseas
  • Visions – Kodee’s job in the Dominican Republic
  • Don’t forget about Craigslist! Pay attention to overseas jobs on your own local Craigslist, or check Craigslist in your destination country for opportunities.
  • You can also try a Google search – a Kodee says just type in exactly what you want to do and begin filtering through the search results.
  • Kodee’s Open Road – Kodee’s blog

Thanks to Kodee

Thanks again to Kodee Cloninger for taking the time to share her experience about finding work abroad with us!

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4 replies on “BMT 024: Finding Jobs Abroad with Kodee Cloninger”

Hi Jackie,
I’ve recently started to listen to our pica st. I have traveled extensively but always on a budget. I will be traveling overseas for sometime starting January 2017 and I will be looking for volunteer and paid jobs. A lot of your guests and yourself have done those experiences but never really touched on how to weed out bad companies or not so good run service organizations. How do you find reviews for groups or potential employer overseas ? Thanks!

Hi Melissa! You’ll really have to do your research for that one, just as you would any other job. Sometimes sites have user reviews, like Workaway, where you can see how people enjoyed working with someone, but their isn’t a catchall site with reviews like this. Best of luck on your trip! Join us in the BMT Community on Facebook if you have more questions.

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