BMT 68: First Solo Trip to Italy: Results! with Anjie Mikesell

We are wrapping up our series featuring people with BIG travel plans with our first Part 2!

Anjie Mikesell, whom you may remember from episodes 64 and 65 where we discussed her upcoming first solo trip to Italy, is BACK, and she has much to share.

We find out if any of her fears came true, what she learned about herself, where she ended up going, and what she did all over Italy. Plus, the highs and lows of the trip, and how the trip has had an effect on her.

Prepare to be inspired.

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Anjie Mikesell

More about Anjie and her big plans:

Episode 64 – We introduce Anjie and talk about her questions and concerns regarding first-time traveler safety

Episode 65 – We focus on how to get around and what she should see and do her first time in Italy

Show Notes

Anjie Mikesell Italy
Anjie on her Vespa tour of Tuscany

Anjie’s Itinerary: Rome – Venice – Cinque Terre – Florence

Where she stayed:

The Rome running tour

The Vespa tour in Tuscany

Anjie’s hashtag #facingfearsin2016 – will YOU join her?

Vernazza italy
Vernazza, the second village in Cinque Terre, Italy
Venice boats
Gondola in Venice

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8 replies on “BMT 68: First Solo Trip to Italy: Results! with Anjie Mikesell”

Your podcast about Anjie’s solo trip to Italy was inspiring!! I’m doing my first solo trip to Italy in June and my fears and anxieties have been put to rest after hearing her experience. I am basically visiting the same cities. I know my experience will be just as magical as hers was.

Been out of the loop a little bit, but finally got to listen to this the other day. Really good interview. Really glad the trip went good for you Anjie. Sounds like you had a blast. Some really good encouragement there too. The whole running by yourself…yeah I kind of am struggling with that because my oldest son is a runner too and the idea of just letting him run the town is a bit daunting. But he is 17…I guess it’s just the dad in me. I love the idea of booking a run too. Thought about trying to find a race that he or we could do together (but he’d leave these old bones in the dust). That Vespa tour too! Man, what a cool way to tour. Good job for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the trip Anjie. Way to face your fears…in 2016.

I just loved listening to this episode!!! I got back from Italy last Wednesday. It wasn’t a solo trip but I went to the same cities that Anjie did (in addition to Argegno on Lake Como which was amazing!). I was smiling through the whole episode listening to her describe her trip as it was just as I felt during the whole time I was in Italy. Thanks for sharing your experience Anjie!

Her smile on the scooter is the best! Congrats Anjie!
As an avid motorcycle person, i want to suggest to everyone to take the beginner safety class for motorcycles. Most states in the US have a class run by MSF, or Team Oregon in Oregon. The class provides either a motorcycle or a scooter for you to use. You get to learn some valuable skills, and experience riding before you hop on a motorbike in a place like Italy where traffic laws are, “suggestions.” Sitting on a scooter and going is easy. Maneuvering and how one reacts in an emergency is another story. Things like countersteering, proper emergency brake application, not braking in turns, etc are things you learn, and get to practice in the class, on a bike that isn’t yours, safely in a controlled environment, with instructors trained to help you. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from riding a scooter/motorcycle in Italy. On the contrary, i want more people to learn to ride the proper way so they can experience the joy of 2 wheels in Italy, or anywhere else. Because look at her smile! Renting a scooter in Sorrento was one of my favorite things i ever did. Getting around Medellin and out to the surrounding mountains on a bike was right up there. Also, i think being able to ride a motorbike is asset wherever you go. You have your own transportation. You can go anywhere a car can go. You’re more agile than in a car, and can get places cars can’t go. Most countries outside the USA allow bikes to go around or through traffic so you’re not stuck. Parking is easier. It’s more fun. (Full disclosure: I used to teach for Team Oregon. Any questions about riding abroad or learning to ride, please feel free to hit me up.) And thanks for the great podcast Jackie!

This is great advice, because it really can be a challenging experience for some people, even scary at times. I’ve wiped out on the back seat of a moto bike in Spain before (I wasn’t driving, but the driver was inexperienced), and it does take skills that we aren’t necessarily used to! I’ve driven scooters in several countries and it’s always a fun time, but I second the motion to take a class. It’s not obligatory, but could be super helpful if you’re inexperienced and plan to rent one abroad.

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