BMT 68: First Solo Trip to Italy: Results! with Anjie Mikesell

We are wrapping up our series featuring people with BIG travel plans with our first Part 2!

Anjie Mikesell, whom you may remember from episodes 64 and 65 where we discussed her upcoming first solo trip to Italy, is BACK, and she has much to share.

We find out if any of her fears came true, what she learned about herself, where she ended up going, and what she did all over Italy. Plus, the highs and lows of the trip, and how the trip has had an effect on her.

Prepare to be inspired.

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Anjie Mikesell

More about Anjie and her big plans:

Episode 64 – We introduce Anjie and talk about her questions and concerns regarding first-time traveler safety

Episode 65 – We focus on how to get around and what she should see and do her first time in Italy

Show Notes

Anjie Mikesell Italy
Anjie on her Vespa tour of Tuscany

Anjie’s Itinerary: Rome – Venice – Cinque Terre – Florence

Where she stayed:

The Rome running tour

The Vespa tour in Tuscany

Anjie’s hashtag #facingfearsin2016 – will YOU join her?

Vernazza italy
Vernazza, the second village in Cinque Terre, Italy
Venice boats
Gondola in Venice

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