BMT 048: A Conversation With My 82-Year-Old Grandmother

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Join me in a candid conversation with my 82-year-old grandmother as we go back in time to figure out where the wanderlust gene comes from in our family.

Born in England, my grandmother Margaret Nocca went to  7 schools in two different languages by the time she was 12. She recalls her journey to the US that has roots in the Second World War, and she goes further back to my great-great-grandfather who used to take jobs overseas, anything he could do to stay traveling. Sound familiar?

This is a get to know me and my family episode, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for storytime with Granny.

Episode 48 Show Notes

About Granny (Margaret Nocca)

the red brick pantry by margaret r (rother) nocca book cover

Margaret was originally born in England and spent some time in Geneva, Switzerland where she started school. During WWII she attended various schools in England before coming to the USA in 1947 where she graduated high school on Long Island, New York.

She wanted to be a writer but ended up studying photography. When she and her family moved from Long Island to Bridport, Vermont, she co-owned and operated the general store that is “The Red Brick Pantry.”

Eventually, she returned to professional photography and even earned her pilot’s license, enabling her to operate an aerial photography business for several years. Since retirement, she has returned to her original career goal of writing and has contributed to a local newspaper and several local newsletters, even a book titled “There’s Only One Bridport USA” published by the Bridport Historical Society in 1976.

The Red Brick Pantry – Granny’s book about her family’s move from Long Island to the countryside in Vermont and owning a general store in the sixties. (She is old school, if you want one, contact her and she’ll send you one!)

Authors in the budget-minded traveler Family
Granny and I after both publishing our first books in 2013

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I’m listening to your grandma trying not to laugh in my little cubicle, she so hilarious!!! Omg!!! I love her!!! Listening to her describe Long Island traffic and feeling trapped I think everyone can relate.
Yes we can definitely hear the wine being poured. Awesome!!
“Do what you want as soon as you can” I want a shirt that says this.

So I’ve recently begun listening to your podcasts and just listened to
this episode for the first time LOVED IT!! Your grandmother is an
inspiration for me….flying lessons at 50. I am 45 and only one year
away of being able to satisfy my growing wanderlust. You are never too
old to start your journey to bliss.

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