BMT 008 : Getting Sponsors for Travel and Giving Back Through Science with Sarah Field

In this episode of The Budget Minded Traveler podcast I interview Sarah Field about her experiences on a year-long hiking trek through South America. Sarah and her friends focused on two unconventional things during their trek: getting sponsors for travel and giving back through science! Find out how they were able to get their gear sponsored and give back by volunteering through Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, collecting data for Pacific Biodiversity Institute along the way. This episode is so jam-packed with good, unique content that your mind will be reeling with possibilities as you listen, just like mine was!

Episode 8 Show Notes

Sarah Field in South America

Sarah Field has been traveling around the world since she was young, spending most of her time exploring Europe (she lived in France for a year to attend culinary school), but she really “upped the ante” when she and two friends took off to hike the length of South America over the course of a year. Now, when she can’t take off for years (or even months) at a time, she explores the Rockies of her backyard by hiking, backpacking, and skiing. Currently, there aren’t any plans for another cross-continent hike, yet plans always change as adventure is constantly calling.

Sarah sent me four photos in the hopes that I would pick one to share, but I can’t. I love them all, so here you go, a few more of Sarah:

Sarah Field Hiking South America
Sarah Field South America
Sarah Field Desert South America

Women’s Adventure Magazine

Fall 2013 Issue (check out page 54!)


Gossamer Gear (provided backpacks)
SheJumps (provided support and connected them with Geargals)
Geargals (outfitted the girls with gear from several companies including Patagonia)
Sierra Designs and Isis (provided clothing and gear)


Adventurers and Science for Conservation (ASC)- Founder Greg Treinish (provided them with one-on-one support and the opportunity to give back through science)
Pacific Biodiversity Institute (PBI)- Founder Peter Morrison (provided GPS-enabled camera and digital maps for data collection) *Note – They are out of Washington, not California like I apparently made up on the podcast, my apologies PBI!
Opportunity with PBI through ASC:

Sarah’s Blog
Mission Statement: We will hike, as much as our guiding principles allow, from Ushuaia to Quito over the course of a year.
Core Values/Guiding Principles:
Safety and Health
The Other
Gracias page to view sponsors and contributors