BMT 83: Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing Through Europe with Brendan Lee

Brendan Lee

Brendan Lee used to be an accountant in New Zealand, that is, until he decided to volunteer in Tanzania and not go home afterwards. He’s been on the road for several years, traveling solo, collecting friends and experiences and writing about them on his blog. While his adventures on the road have been plenty, he’s here today to share with us about five months he spent hitchhiking through Europe in 2016. He has detailed notes about how much he spent, broken down by category, topped with his best advice for how you can do it too.

Episode 83 Show Notes

A couple of posts about the emotional side of travel that we talked about:

About Bren

Brendan is a full time traveller and blogger from Auckland, New Zealand. After spending nearly 4 years in the accounting world, he left on a volunteering trip to Tanzania in 2011 and has been on the road since. His travels have taken him from the boxing gyms of the Philippines to the salsa studios of Ecuador to the jungles of Uganda and many an adventure in between. He now writes to give people the tools and information to create their own incredible travel experiences on small budgets. Find him at his blog,

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