BMT 82: South America by Motorcycle with Casey Wong

Casey Wong bought a motorcycle and shipped it to South America, where he proceeded to ride it from Colombia to Argentina, on his own.

Motorcycle South America

In Ecuador, he ran into a friend of mine, which prompted an introduction to me and eventually a few beers in person as he passed through Bariloche, where I happened to be living in Argentina. With the notorious Patagonian winds, questionable roads, and oncoming winter, I worried about his safety as he continued south.

A year later, we get to hear the complete story of Casey’s motorcycle adventures through South America, including best resources for traveling motorcyclists, how to ship a bike to South America, logistics and advice for the road, and what Casey always, always kept in stock on his bike, no matter what sort of challenges he faced.

Casey Wong
south America wildlife
Motorcycle South America

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