How to Choose the Perfect Travel Backpack – Video

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2021)

Choosing the right travel backpack can be daunting. There are so many brands, so many models, so many options that shopping can leave you overwhelmed and confused.

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Don’t let your confusion lead you to the wrong pack. It is important to know what you, personally, need in a backpack, so if you don’t know what those things are, take a few minutes to watch this video.

I explain three important elements in a backpack that you need to consider and why they are all essential to finding the perfect travel backpack. These are what I call the “Three C’s”:

  • Comfort
  • Capacity
  • Convenience
  • And, if you are a budget-minded traveler too, there is always a 4th “C” to consider: Cost

You’ll find out the single most important thing to pay attention to when searching for the perfect backpack and even how to save a buck when you start your shopping. (Hint: it has to do with REI and the REI Outlet) Enjoy!

Want to hear more about my choice of travel backpack? Click here to watch my Gregory Jade 50 Backpack Review video. Leave a comment if you still have questions about finding the right travel backpack or if you have some helpful advice to add!

And don’t forget to check out REI and the REI Outlet for great deals on backpacks: