BMT 030: SPECIAL: Just Do It with New Traveler Pete Sveen

New Traveler Pete Sveen

In this 30th episode, BMT Voices is introduced, a special announcement is made, and Pete Sveen an online entrepreneur and new traveler) comes on the show to tell us all about what he learned from his first two trips abroad.

Find out why this episode is special, how you can become more involved going forward, and listen to Pete as he talks about his transformation from never having traveled on his own to already planning his next trip.

About Pete

Pete Sveen is an avid outdoorsman and adventurer living in Bozeman, Montana. Pete (aka DIY Pete) runs a niche website about “Do It Yourself” projects to help and inspire others to be creative and learn how to build basic furniture.

His work has been featured on Sirius Radio,, NBC News, Make Magazine, and He also founded, which is a resource and community for online entrepreneurs.

Pete has recently been inspired to travel and is currently making it a priority to get outside his comfort zone and visit new countries.

Episode 30 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

BMT Voices is introduced with our first featured traveler: John. Find out what this is all about and how you can be involved.

This 30th episode is special and you will find out why with a couple of special announcements, and of course an inspiring interview with first (and second) time traveler Pete Sveen. Pete shares with us how he decided to make travel happen in his life, what he did to prepare for his two trips, how his packing techniques changed after just one trip, what surprised him about travel, what he learned about himself, and some advice he has for other new travelers.

Great one-liners from Pete:

  • “Everything’s figure-out-able”
  • “The world works fine without us”
  • “Just do it.”

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Under30Experiences: the group Pete traveled to Costa Rica with

Backpack video that will help you choose a backpack:

Pete’s travel stories:

Thanks again, Pete, for sharing with us! You are an inspiration…

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