BMT 006: Long-Term Travel Lifestyle with Kneale Brown

Kneale Brown

In this episode of The Budget Minded Traveler podcast, I interview long-term traveler Kneale Brown about how he affords to stay on the road after traveling non-stop for two years.

Originally from the UK, Kneale has traveled through Southeast Asia, Australia, and is currently in New Zealand without plans to go home any time soon.

His perspective on what it takes to sustain this vagabond lifestyle is incredibly refreshing, and if you’ve ever had thoughts about long-term travel or how it’s possible on a budget, you’ll want to give this episode a listen.

Kneale Brown is a solo traveler, musician, barman, and serial skinny-dipper. 23 months on the road through Southeast Asia and Australia currently living in a van in New Zealand and awaiting the first dump of snow. Loves mountains, whisky, and Canadian girls. Hates sand, #YOLO, and changing tires.

Episode 6 Show Notes

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Great one-liners to take away from this episode:

  • “…I spend absolutely everything, but I gain absolutely everything as well…”
  • “…You experience a country through its most common things, not its most outrageous things…”
  • “…You can solve any problem with sleep or a cup of tea…”
  • “…You don’t need to be a millionaire to travel…”