BMT 020: Get Up From Your Desk Job and Go Travel with Matt Wilson from Under30Experiences

Under 30 Experiences

Matt Wilson from Under30Experiences shares his story about pushing his desk job aside to travel the world. The good part? YOU can travel with him on tours with his company Under30Experiences. They focus on making travel more fun, stress-free, and accessible to young people, believing that our generation needs to see the world in order to understand it.

Matt Wilson is Adventurer in Residence at the travel community Under30Experiences. After sitting behind his desk for way too long running his first startup, Matt knew that thousands of other young people needed to get the experience of travel. It was time to give other’s the opportunity to see the world. Matt went on to spend the next two and a half years scouting locations abroad and exploring the world from Costa Rica and Nicaragua, to Machu Picchu and Bali

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Episode 20 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

Matt explains how a “random trip to Iceland” changed his life and inspired him to create travel experiences for other young entrepreneurs through his company Under30Experiences. Find out just how much travel has had an impact on him as well as those who have participated in his trips.

Matt says:

  • “It’s not about what you do when you’re on your trip, it’s about what your trip inspires you to do after.”
  • “Make travel a priority if you can.”
  • “There are so many solutions (to making travel happen) if you think about it and set your mind to it.”
  • “Anybody can do it if they really want to.”

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Thanks to Matt Wilson

Quick shout out again to Matt Wilson for coming on and sharing his story with us! Matt, keep rockin’ it and happy travels to you!

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3 replies on “BMT 020: Get Up From Your Desk Job and Go Travel with Matt Wilson from Under30Experiences”

craaazy good prices here! I was skeptical with the whole ‘tours’ thing (ugh, been there, done that, no thanks!) but this idea is much better, and where can you find prices like that? Wow. Great interview!

Hey Sarah, thanks for listening. Tours aren’t our thing 🙂 just trying to bring awesome people to an awesome part of the world and let the rest happen on it’s own. Hope to see you on a trip soon!!

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