Online Gifts for Travelers Anywhere in the World

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2021)

This post was originally published in 2017 and updated in 2020.

I have celebrated eight birthdays and three Christmases (and counting…) overseas. I am well past the days of receiving physical gifts, and I prefer it that way, as I am a minimalist.

You may know a traveler like me who doesn’t want more “stuff” either, or who may happen to be across the world during a holiday or special occasion. So what should you do if you still want to send them a gift? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options!

I’ve put together this list of online gift ideas that can be delivered electronically, via email, even last minute, so that no matter where in the world the intended recipient is traveling, you can still send a great gift to that special someone overseas.

This post contains affiliate links.

1. Airbnb Gift Card

We all need a place to sleep at night, and Airbnb has a fabulous global presence. Give the gift of accommodations with an Airbnb gift card, allowing the traveler to choose his or her preferred places. Click here to gift an Airbnb gift card via email.

Click here to find your next Airbnb.

2. Spotify Premium Subscription

Spotify Premium starts with a free trial and then costs $9.99/month. It is a music app, which (among other great things) allows users to create and download playlists to enjoy with or without cell phone service or WiFi. I use this as my main source of music on the road, and I LOVE the downloadable playlist option, which is only available with a Premium subscription. Our own BMT Community Playlist is available on Spotify! Click here to gift Spotify Premium.

3. Subscription

Audiobooks are the new e-books. I am a fan of audiobooks because I can listen to them without getting dizzy on a bus or train, and I don’t have to carry a Kindle with me. I can listen to books straight from my phone, so they don’t take up any extra space in my pack! An audible subscription includes two free books upfront as well as one book per month, along with other special discounts and benefits. Click here to give the gift of Audible.

Gifts for Travelers
Books and music can be a traveler’s best friend.

4. Tossable Digits Subscription

If your traveler is leaving long-term and will need to get a foreign SIM card and local phone number overseas, give her the gift of keeping her beloved US phone number. Tossable Digits provides this service for just a few dollars per month, read more about Tossable Digits here. Click here to give the gift of keeping a phone number.

5. Kindle Unlimited

If your traveler carries a Kindle, get them a subscription to Kindle Unlimited (and our list of the best travel books). It includes unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks and unlimited listening from thousands of audiobooks. It starts with a free trial and then costs $9.99/month and doesn’t take up any extra space! Click here to gift a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

6. VPN – “Virtual Private Network” Subscription

In short, a VPN masks a computer’s IP address. This is beneficial for many reasons, one of which is that I can watch my beloved Game of Thrones on HBOGO no matter what country I’m currently in, even though HBOGO is “blocked” in many places. Here are several options for VPN providers:

email gifts
Stay protected overseas with a VPN.

7. Travel Insurance

Because we all need it (read more here), and it can sometimes be an expense we forget about. You can still get travel insurance even after your trip has started. Here are a couple of options for companies I use:

8. Worldwide Tours

Here is a BRILLIANT way to give the gift of fun and adventure to your favorite traveler. Both of the following companies offer tours from a few hours to several days in countries all across the world, so there is a great chance that there is something of interest for every traveler. From the Sydney bridge climb to a palace concert in Vienna, to trekking in Patagonia, to a simple city or wine tasting tour in the USA. You can gift any tour and have confirmation sent via email. If you know your traveler is headed for something special, be the one to give her what she really wants!

Online Gifts
Want peace of mind? Get travel insurance for your favorite wanderer.

9. Tripit Pro Subscription

Tripit is one of my absolute favorite travel apps. It organizes itineraries like magic. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails to Tripit, and it brilliantly consolidates everything: maps, booking numbers, contact information, times, flight numbers, and more, neatly within the app. My favorite function of the Pro version is that it provides real-time alerts about flight statuses and delays, gate changes, etc. Tripit Pro is 100% worth purchasing. It costs $49/year. Click here to gift a Tripit Pro subscription.

10. Workaway Subscription

Workaway is a program that connects volunteer travelers to hosts worldwide, with countless opportunities to exchange a few hours of work each day for room and sometimes board. I’ve done it twice in Italy and Mexico. I have a post and a podcast about it, and I highly recommend it for travelers looking to get an authentic experience out of their travels. Workaway costs $32 per year for a single person and $42 per year for two people traveling together. Giving the gift of a Workaway subscription is opening doors to endless opportunities across the globe. Click here to gift a Workaway subscription.

11. Global Entry (U.S.)

Global Entry is a Trusted Traveler Program, which essentially means the government does a background check on you, clears you, and allows you to move quickly through US immigration. If your favorite traveler flies a lot, especially within or in and out of the US, having Global Entry is like having a superpower. The initial application fee is $100, and if approved, Global Entry is good for five years. Since each applicant has to fill out quite a bit of information, it is not possible to simply send this as a gift, but it is still a great idea to send $100 to a frequent traveler to put towards a Global Entry application.

Give the gift of learning new skills that travelers can use while they travel.

12. Pimsleur Subscription

The Pimsleur Method accelerates learning to speak another language by tapping into the user’s natural ability to learn through hearing and speaking. Read our full Pimsleur Method review to see how it works. All types of travelers benefit from knowing the languages of the places they visit. Help them learn faster with Pimsleur! Click here to gift a Pimsleur subscription.

13. Travel and Trade Course

Gift a unique learning opportunity to your traveler that will help set them up now for when the world is open to travel freely again. With the Travel and Trade Course by Invest with Teri, you learn how to make money via stock market trading while traveling the world. Listen to Teri’s podcast interview to learn more about the course. Get 10% off Teri’s Trade and Travel course until November 30.

14. Worldpackers Subscription

Worldpackers connects travelers to volunteer and cultural exchange opportunities around the world (similar to Workaway). Travelers trade their skills for accommodations, meals, and other benefits. This is truly budget traveler’s dream come true! Worldpackers costs $49 per year and gives your frequent traveler access to 4000+ travel opportunities and a community of 1 million travelers. Use promo code JUMP or click this link to get 40% off when you sign up.