Italy Gift Ideas: What to Give Travelers Going To Italy

Nine years ago, I received a scholarship from the National Italian American Foundation to help fund my studies abroad in Turin, Italy.

Today, I received a copy of their Ambassador Magazine in the mail with my article published inside: Holiday Gift Ideas, What to Give Travelers to Italy.

The image shows the cover of "Ambassador" magazine, published by the National Italian American Foundation for their Winter 2014 issue. The cover features a cheerful chef wearing a Santa hat, holding a glass of wine, embodying a festive holiday spirit. The headline "Buon Natale!" (Merry Christmas in Italian) is prominently displayed, setting the tone for the content which includes topics like "Chef’s Special: Regional Italian Holiday Cuisine," "Gift Ideas for Travelers," "Capri’s Heights of Beauty," and "Soppressata and Soupies." This cover effectively conveys a blend of culinary excellence and cultural celebration, appealing to those interested in Italian American heritage and lifestyles.
The image depicts a magazine page titled "Holiday Gift Ideas: What to Give Travelers to Italy," authored by Jackie Laulainen. It features a photo of a woman from behind, looking out over a scenic lake vista in Italy. The woman is dressed casually, ready for travel with a stylish bag. The adjacent image shows a couple, clad in cozy jackets, pulling a suitcase, suggesting they are travelers. The text suggests the article offers practical gift suggestions for those planning to visit Italy, emphasizing gifts that enhance the travel experience. This setup blends inspirational imagery with useful content for readers looking to travel or gift thoughtfully.
The image features a page from "Ambassador" magazine, detailing "Top 10 Gifts for Travelers to Italy." The page offers a curated list of travel essentials and gifts, including all the items listed in this blog post.
The image features the next page from "Ambassador" magazine, detailing the rest of the "Top 10 Gifts for Travelers to Italy," including all the items listed in this blog post.

Please take a look, and if you are interested in anything about Italy or are planning a trip there any time soon, I highly encourage you to become a member of the National Italian American Foundation.

You can get a magazine and newsletter subscription, among other benefits. A subscription would make it much easier to read my feature article as I cannot link to it, but the images above are the best I can do!

Keep reading for the Italy gift ideas I shared in the article, plus some bonus ideas and Italy travel resources.

The image captures a breathtaking aerial view of Rome, showcasing the iconic Colosseum prominently in the foreground, surrounded by the bustling cityscape and lush green areas. The ancient structure stands out as a testament to Roman engineering and cultural influence, drawing countless visitors to its historic grounds. Beyond the Colosseum, the sprawling urban landscape of Rome extends into the distance, interspersed with historic buildings, modern architecture, and natural scenery, reflecting the city's blend of ancient history and contemporary life. This panoramic shot not only highlights Rome's architectural beauty but also its vibrant atmosphere and the depth of its heritage.
© Spencer Davis, Unsplash

Italy Gift Ideas

The image features an Amazon Kindle e-reader, displaying the first page of a book, which begins with the phrase "It was a dark and stormy night." The Kindle is shown from both the front and back, highlighting its sleek, compact design which makes it convenient for reading on the go. The device's text is clear and legible, showcasing the e-reader's ability to provide a paper-like reading experience that is easy on the eyes.

1. Kindle

A Kindle allows you to carry thousands of books in one lightweight, convenient package. Load it up with books like Under the Tuscan Sun or Beautiful Ruins for your Italy-loving friend.

The image displays a wine bottle adorned with a stylish koozie featuring a black background dotted with pink polka dots. The koozie not only adds a decorative touch but also likely serves to keep the wine at a desired temperature, combining functionality with a fun and eye-catching design. This accessory would be a great choice for someone looking to personalize their drink at a party or as a thoughtful gift for a wine enthusiast.

2. Wine Bottle Koozie

So your Italy lover can carry wine and keep it at an appropriate temperature, whether red or white.

The image features the Elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter, designed to be a versatile and essential tool for international travelers. This compact, cylindrical adapter is shown both on and outside its packaging, highlighting its sleek, black design. The adapter supports multiple plug types, making it suitable for use in various countries around the world. It is designed to be durable and portable, fitting easily into luggage or a carry-on, an ideal choice for those who travel frequently and need a reliable solution for different power outlets globally.

3. Universal Adapter

A universal adapter is a must-have for all international travelers, whether headed to Italy or elsewhere! We cover adapter and voltage basics and why they are important to have.

The image showcases the cover of a Lonely Planet guidebook for Italy. The cover features a vivid photograph of a classic blue scooter parked against a warm yellow wall, evoking a quintessentially Italian vibe. This imagery is iconic, symbolizing exploration and the charming streets of Italy. The guidebook promises "Local secrets, best planning advice, 100% researched and updated," indicating that it's a comprehensive and trustworthy resource for travelers seeking an authentic Italian experience. This cover effectively captures the essence of Italian culture and the spirit of adventure.

4. Italy Guidebook

A physical guidebook is handy for those rare moments you can’t pick up wifi on your smartphone. Plus, you can write notes and highlight passages right on the pages.

Travel Planning Tip: Order a prepaid SIM card before you travel!

The image features the cover of the "Lonely Planet Italian Phrasebook & Dictionary." The cover displays a serene rural Italian landscape with a young woman walking down a picturesque dirt road, leading towards a traditional Tuscan house surrounded by lush green fields and cypress trees. The title "Italian Phrasebook & Dictionary" is prominently displayed, indicating the book's purpose. This guidebook promises practical tools for travelers, including a pull-out card with fast phrases, aimed at helping visitors communicate effectively while exploring Italy. The inviting image and practical features make this book an essential companion for travelers looking to immerse themselves in Italian culture and navigate the country with more ease.

5. Pocket Italian Phrasebook

Help your friends and loved ones traveling to Italy go beyond learning the basics by gifting them a pocket phrasebook. They can take it even further by learning Italian with Pimsleur.

6. iTunes Gift Card

An iTunes gift card will help your traveler buy music and apps on the go.

7. REI Gift Card

With an REI gift card, they will be able to pick out the perfect travel backpack.

The image features a close-up view of a Canon EOS M digital camera, held in a person's hand, showcasing its compact and user-friendly design. The camera is fitted with a zoom lens, emphasizing its capability for detailed and versatile photography. The prominent Canon logo on the body signifies the brand's reputation for quality in imaging technology. This type of camera is typically favored by both amateur and professional photographers who seek a lightweight, yet powerful alternative to larger DSLR cameras.

8. Canon EOS M Digital Camera

When they capture the perfect images from their trip to Italy, they will be so grateful that you got them this mirrorless camera before they left!

The image depicts a Moleskine City Notebook specifically for Florence (Firenze), Italy. The notebook's design is sleek and functional, characterized by Moleskine's signature black cover with distinct green labeling. The cover details the notebook's features, which include a bus map, a step-by-step guide, 228 blank pages, 72 trace pages for noting routes and memories, 32 detachable sheets, and an expandable inner pocket. This product is tailored for travelers and city explorers who want to record their experiences in a structured yet personal way. The notebook serves as both a practical tool and a memorable keepsake for those visiting or exploring Florence.

9. Moleskine City Notebooks

Encourage your traveler to document their trip with pen and paper.

The image features a decorative treasure chest made of wood with intricate metal detailing and a heavy-duty metal lock and keys. The wood appears aged or treated to give it a rustic look, while the metal bands and floral patterned studs add an ornate touch to the chest's overall appearance. This type of chest might be used as a stylish storage solution, a unique piece of home decor, or as a special gift box to hold valuable keepsakes or jewelry. Its vintage design evokes a sense of nostalgia and could serve as a focal point in a room or a cherished heirloom to pass down through generations.

10. Treasure Chest

This gift is more for their return home from Italy. They can store all their favorite keepsakes from the trip in this treasure chest, so it’s all in one place.

Note: the exact product in the article is not available on Amazon; the link is to a similar product.

11. Bonus Gift Ideas

Buy some experiences for your traveler! There are so many things to do in Italy – and it depends on where in Italy they are traveling to – but here are some fun ideas.

Get them skip-the-line tickets to popular sites like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill or the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

Gift your traveler a day trip from Rome to Pisa and Siena or Positano and Pompeii.

Finally, book a room at a swanky Italian hotel for your traveler. If your traveler is budget-minded, they will probably be staying at hostels, so I’m sure they will appreciate a nice hotel room on their first or last night in Italy.

12. Gift Ideas to Bring Memories of Italy Home

Here are some Italian gift ideas for after your loved one returns from their trip to Italy. For when they will undoubtedly be jonesing for any reminder of Italy they can get. 

Home cooks and foodies would appreciate a gift basket with an Italian cookbook, a set of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a bottle of Italian wine, and some pasta imported from Italy. 

Gifts for coffee lovers might include a nice Italian stove top coffee maker and a set of espresso cups. Maybe add in a package of biscotti or another authentic Italian treat for good measure. 

Finally, Italy lovers will absolutely appreciate a coffee table book full of beautiful Italian landscapes to flip through when they really start to miss Italy. 

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