Reciprocity Fees for US Citizens Traveling to South America

It’s only fair. We charge them a crap load to get visas to the US, so they said, “Awesome, we’ll just charge you for coming to our country, too.”

Hence, the “Reciprocity Fee” was born. As of November 2017, there are three South American countries that have reciprocity fees for US Citizens.

Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Argentina: REVOKED! – As of August 23, 2016, the reciprocity fee for US citizens entering Argentina has officially been waived.

Bolivia: $160 payable on arrival by land or air. Make sure you have all accompanying paperwork and proof of immunizations. Good for 10 years.

Brazil: $160 prior to travel. Brazil requires not just a fee, but a visa in hand before you fly. This cannot be done last minute. Start by finding your Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in the US, where you need to find your consulate based on jurisdiction, and proceed accordingly to secure your visa. Also, as of October 1, 2015, travelers in transit (just passing through anywhere in Brazil) with two separate bookings (between two unaffiliated airlines) will also need a transit visa.

Chile: Since 2014, the reciprocity fee for US citizens traveling to Chile has been waived.

Paraguay: $160 payable on arrival by air only. If passing by land, a visa must be secured in person prior to travel.


  • DO NOT TRUST this or any list that is not when it comes to visa requirements. You don’t want to get stuck somewhere because you were reading the wrong website. Always, always, always double and triple-check requirements when it comes to visas, immunizations, fees, etc.
  • Pay strict attention to Yellow Fever vaccination requirements while traveling laterally across these countries in South America. You must have the immunization and full proof to travel between certain countries.

Refer to this article for more help: How to Get US Passports, Travel Visas, and Immunizations

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