BMT 057: Connecting People Through the Transformative Power of Travel with Nathaniel Boyle

Nathaniel Boyle

Join us as I chat with Nathaniel Boyle from the Daily Travel Podcast in this last of our series of interviews with awesome people who have started businesses out of their passion for travel.

Nathaniel took his first trip overseas at just 5 years old! And today he shares with us how that planted a seed in him that grew into a love for travel, and eventually a podcast, and some other exciting ventures…

About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Boyle is an explorer and location-independent digital consultant, and frequent-flyer-mile-collector who’s circumnavigated the globe and been chased by dogs in four different countries. He grew up in Boston, which has always been his home base. He likes craft coffee, beer, weird food, baseball, Calvin & Hobbes, sharing stories and ideas, and trying anything new. He is the creator and host of the Daily Travel Podcast, the first and only daily podcast about travel, inspiring thousands to make travel a bigger priority in life and build a life of travel, whatever that means to you.

Most recently, he has founded Holocene, a digital publishing brand, a community for the curious and creative, and an agency for influencers within travel. The Holocene community is home to compelling stories, tools, resources, and experiences for those who travel for more than to see or do things but to find transformational experiences beyond their routines.

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Holocene Immersions sounds amazing! But I already have two good trips planned in 2017 so I won’t make it out any time soon, but hopefully this takes off and you’re still doing it in 2018.

I love, love, loved this interview. Everything ya’ll were talking about resonates with me. I just signed up for holocene! I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Twice on your podcast in 1 month… Such an honor and so exciting to be working on these projects. Thanks Jackie!

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