BMT 61: Round Table Special with Travis Sherry, Jason Moore, and Nathaniel Boyle

Travis Sherry
Jason Moore
Nathaniel Boyle

Join the party in this bonus episode today as Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast, Jason Moore from Zero to Travel podcast, and Nathaniel Boyle from The Travelers podcast (The Daily Travel Podcast), and I all sit down to ask each other travel questions.

Although we were in three different countries during this recording, somehow we made it work!

Listen in for questions like:

  • Question #1:  Where would you want to be right now if you could be anywhere in the world – gut reaction?
  • Question #2:  What is your favorite travel app?
  • Question #3:  As Americans, does it bother you when Canadians wear the Canadian flag on their backpack?
  • Question #4:  What is your favorite piece of travel gear?
  • Question #5:  What’s the one place that everyone has told you you’ll love but when you went there, you didn’t?
  • Question #6:  Since we are all podcasters and digital nomads, I want to know what you look for in an office on the road?
  • Question #7:  What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten when traveling?
  • Question #8:  How do you feel about flying?

Meet the Guys

Episode 61 Show Notes

Question 2: Favorite travel apps:

Question 4: Favorite travel gadget:

Question 7: Weirdest food we ate

Watch video of me eating sea urchin:

Question 8: Flying

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