BMT 052: Sell Everything, KEEP Your Job, and Move Overseas with Surviving Europe

sell everything and move overseas

Introducing Erin and Erin Zepperle, a recently married couple who decided to sell everything and move overseas to Austria. They are here today to share with us what that looked like for them, including what they had to sell and sacrifice for this goal, and how they were able to “keep” both of their jobs through the move.

Find out the tactics they used to focus themselves on reaching their goal in a certain amount of time, and what that means for their future as well.

About Erin & Erin (and Surviving Europe)

We are Erin and Erin, Boy Erin and Girl Erin, E-squared, Team Erin. Just two newlyweds with the same name AND the same sense of adventure and travel. In July of 2015, we decided to say goodbye to our comfortable lives and 9-5 jobs and move to Austria! New language, new culture and completely new world to discover together. We left with 1 goal: Survive Europe! Join us on our journey and learn all about the process of moving abroad – the preparations, adjustments, emotions and of course benefits of making this life change. Surviving Europe is our way of saying that you CAN follow your travel dreams and achieve the ‘impossible’. And through our experiences, we hope to provide you with the confidence and steps to make those dreams a reality!

Episode 52 Show Notes

Tools used by Erin & Erin:

  • The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris (brilliant advice for transitioning your current job from full time to YOUR time)
  • (budgeting app)

Erin & Erin’s advice for those considering moving overseas: “Believe in yourself and trust that you will accomplish what you set out to accomplish…”

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