BMT 029: Taking a Corporate America Job Overseas with Julie Smith

Corporate America Job Overseas

Julie Smith is an expat living in London with her husband Drew and her dog Basil, and her company is paying her to be there. In this episode, we find out how Julie positioned herself within Corporate America to be sent on an assignment overseas. She is here to lay it all out for us and has some great advice about how anyone can accomplish the same.

Episode 29 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

Julie tells the story about how she was able to take an assignment overseas through her corporate job and outlines some actionable steps for anyone interested in doing the same.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Steps for taking your corporate America job overseas:

1. Position yourself in a company where international travel is a possibility (pro tip- don’t be afraid to ask straight up about this in your interview)

– Companies such as big-name companies (Google, Facebook), financial services, energy-related companies, consumer goods (P&G, Unilever), banking, etc.

2. Make it known to your management that you are open to move overseas

– Talk with your spouse and kids if you have them, make sure everyone knows this is a possibility, and will make arrangements to move if the possibility comes up so that you can actually say yes when it happens.

3. Make plans to go when the offer comes through

– Work with the company to arrange moving, schools, pet relocation (check out pet relocation companies online)

4. Settle into your new home

5. Do it all over again!

As Julie says, “It’s about thinking two steps ahead… put yourself in that position.” You can make this happen!

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