BMT 87: Travel Game Show with Bloggers Gloria Atanmo and Leah Davis

Gloria Atanmo
Leah Davis

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Back by popular demand: another travel game show! Join me today as I catch up with two female bloggers: Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad and Leah Davis from The Sweetest Way. While we are usually all traveling in different parts of the world, the three of us have all been in the same place together for one random holiday, you’ll have to listen to hear that story.

Grab a drink and get ready to laugh as we ask each other questions about our travels, our habits, our preferences, and more. These questions are randomly selected from a list of generic travel questions as well as from a list provided by our own BMT Community.

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Meet the Ladies

Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad. Gloria aims to inspire others through her journey of being a solo female traveler, pushing the envelope of what’s possible, and creating the life of her dreams through a relentless pursuit and downright hustle.

Follow Gloria on Instagram (@glographics).

Leah Davis from The Sweetest Way. The Sweetest Way began as a site dedicated to long-term travel and has since transformed into a resource for digital nomads and other travel lovers seeking to create a lifestyle of location independence.

Follow Leah on Instagram (@thesweetestway).

Episode 87 Show Notes

Bottle Necks
Bloggers Halloween Chiang Mai
Halloween 2015: Chiang Mai, Thailand. So many travel blogs represented in this photo, but you might not recognize them.

Question #1: Which country has the hottest locals?

Question #2: Where are you now?

Question #3: Music: Local to where you’re traveling, or something familiar that ties you to “home”?

  • Notes: Shazaam and Spotify Premium

Question #4: What’s the most unusual thing you pack that can be surprisingly helpful?

Question #5: You have a 10-hour layover in Paris, what do you do?

Question #6: What’s your favorite landmark in the world?

Question #7: What attracts you to visit a new destination?

Question #8: Do you send postcards from your travel destinations?

  • Notes: Ink Cards app

Question #9: What was the one place that was the most underwhelming?

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I am currently on a road trip in New Zealand and liked this episode a lot. Is there a place we can get the questions as it would be fun game to make over drinks with strangers. I don’t see the questions on the episode page.

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