BMT 72: Facing Fears Through Adventure Travel: My Via Ferrata Experience

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No matter what your individual fears are, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is a great exercise for personal growth. I have been using adventure travel to challenge myself lately, and in this special episode, we dive into my journey of recently attempting two via ferratas, even though I have a pretty significant fear of heights.

Follow my journey as I share what I was feeling, get a sense of what was going on in my head during the tough parts, why I wanted to attempt these via ferratas in the first place, what it took for me to get through them, and why I believe the takeaways and lessons I learned can be applied to anyone, anywhere, in experiences all across life.

We can leverage travel to safely find these challenges and push ourselves to be stronger, more courageous, and more confident.

Episode 72 Show Notes

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Major takeaways:

  1. Any step towards facing fear is a success, no matter how small
  2. Trust your gut, the decision to face your fear is solely yours
  3. Getting started, getting over that first step, is the hardest part
  4. Who you surround yourself with matters absolutely
  5. Listen to an in-depth interview on The Travelers podcast

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