BMT 023: Tips for Biking Through Europe with Adam Bany & Tenille Smith

Tips for Biking through Europe

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Ever considered touring Europe on a bike? Adam Bany and Tenille Smith have done it, and they are here to share how you can do it too.

In this episode they tell all including: what kind of bike you’ll need, what to pack, do’s and don’ts, when to go, how to budget, how to plan, and how to deal with problems and unforeseen events on the road.

Even if you haven’t considered this type of travel before, you will be by the end of this episode! 

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Episode 23 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

Adam had gone biking through Europe before, and Tenille had some time off and a mission to do something fun, so the idea for their bike tour through Europe was born.

They spent 6 weeks traveling together through Spain, Portugal, France, and Switzerland on their bikes and have many stories to share. Not just stories, but lessons learned from packing, planning, budgeting, building their bikes, transporting them to Europe, running into problems along the way, weather, and much, much more.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Packing help:

  • Big Agnes Copper Spur tent – 2 person (REI)
  • Packable down sleeping bag and packable sleeping pad (REI)
  • Small burner stove & gas (Snowpeak brand) (REI)
  • Titanium pot and 2 mugs (REI)
  • A good digital camera if you have space (recommended by Adam as well as or over an iPhone) As Tenille said: “You’ll never regret taking those pictures or stopping for an extra 5 minutes in a place”
  • Solar charger (charge through USB directly or charge a battery pack)
  • Waterproof bike bags (panniers)
  • Lightweight silver tarp (aka Mylar Blanket) (Super cheap on Amazon)
  • Clothes- Leggings, tights, layers, multi-use jacket (Tenille’s was a road cycling jacket by Cannondale), light packable down jacket, multiple bike shorts, guys – one pair casual shorts and board shorts, sweater, one cotton t-shirt (as Adam says it’s nice to change into cotton at the end of the day), beanie, I’d recommend Smartwool shirts

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  • $1,000 for bike with all gear and clothing
  • $1,500-$2,000 each for 6-week trip without plane tickets
  • Remember to budget about $300-$400 for checking your bike on the plane (they don’t count as free checked luggage!)

Advice to remember from Adam & Tenille:

  • Pick a small area to cover, don’t overestimate how much ground you can cover
  • Choose your travel buddy wisely
  • You can get a cardboard bike box for free from your local bike shop
  • Consider getting a hotel room or hostel near your destination airport so you have a place to go to assemble your bike and relax
  • Plan correctly according to the weather where you will be
  • Get the highest detailed maps that you can find of the region
  • Avoid big cities on your bike
  • Don’t spend so much time riding from place to place that you don’t have time to enjoy the towns you visit (try to get to your camp or destination by mid-afternoon)

Thanks to Adam & Tenille

Thanks again to Adam Bany and Tenille Smith for sharing your stories and personalities with us and teaching us about touring through Europe on bikes! 

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