BMT 047: How to Access Money Overseas: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cash, Exchange Rates and More

In this episode, we share the best ways to access your money overseas and how to save money during that in the process. 

We’ve got it all covered! Including specific tips on how to use ATMs abroad, the best ATM card for travel, and how to make sure you get the right exchange every time. Also, what to look for in travel credit cards and which ones are accepted overseas. We talk about how to handle cash abroad, how to order foreign currency from your bank, how to exchange leftover foreign currency, and why you should forget traveler’s checks.

Plus, two important tips to remember above all else when it comes to money abroad.

How to Access Money Overseas

Episode 47 Show Notes

Links and resources mentioned in this episode

Major points of this episode:

  1. How to use your ATM card abroad
  2. The best debit card for travel
  3. Tips for bringing cash
  4. Using credit cards and foreign transaction fees, the worst credit cards for travel
  5. Bringing foreign currency with you
  6. What to do with leftover money

XE Currency (life saver app – never again will I pull $8 out of an ATM…)

How to Set Up a Charles Schwab Bank Account and Avoid ATM Fees Anywhere

How to Avoid Fees with Credit Cards Overseas

Whatever you do, don’t forget to call your bank to alert them you are taking your card out of the country, and always have a backup plan!

For more complete notes, please see 4 Easy Ways to Access Your Money Overseas

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