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Why the Book

Since I first started traveling at age 18, I became a go-to travel resource for everyone I knew and all of their friends. People trusted me to answer questions of all kinds, from where to get a passport, to how to stay safe on the road, to where to buy a backpack, to how to get the best deals on flights, and so much more. I love talking travel, but after a while, I knew there had to be a better way to go about answering all of these questions than writing email after email, or sitting down for coffee time and time again. I started collecting all of these questions and answers and organizing them into one convenient place.

The Aspiring Traveler’s Handbook: A preparation guide to international travel is the A-Z guide I created to answer those questions and help you plan the trip you’ve always wanted to take. It starts at square one, choosing a destination, and guides readers through the entire planning process, complete with details and budget tips, because that’s what I’m good at.

What’s Inside

  • How to choose a destination and what to consider before you buy your ticket
  • How to get a passport, visas, and immunizations
  • How to find great deals on flights
  • How to pack efficiently
  • How to plan and stick to a budget for your trip
  • How to protect yourself and your belongings abroad
  • How to organize what you will leave behind (bills, storage, mail, insurance, etc.)
  • What programs are available to help you travel
  • Be inspired to actually make your travel dreams a reality

Choose a destination from your travel bucket list, combine it with the information in this book, and you might just be on a plane before you thought it was possible.

The Aspiring Traveler's Handbook
The Aspiring Traveler's Handbook

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What People Are Saying

“I cannot imagine where I would be in my travel planning without this book! I am a first time international traveler, and all the “extra” stuff about traveling is foreign to me. From reading this book, I have become knowledgeable and confident in taking my dream trip! I am extremely excited about traveling now and I will recommend this book to anyone who wants their travel dreams to come true. Thank you!”

“This is a book I will keep with me and refer back to, not only when I am traveling to other countries, but in the US as well. Travel light, be aware of your surroundings, BUDGET, splurge on the experiences that really matter, research… The list goes on and on.”

“It feels like you are sitting right next to Jackie at a coffee shop discussing your trip and she is giving you advice on how to really get there and make it a reality.”

“This is a little gem, easy to read, full of great information, and you get the bonus of actually having a blog to follow after you finish the book.”

“The only con to reading this book is that my travel bug just started itching like crazy!”

“This book is full of answers to many of the questions I had when I started traveling. It even has great tips and good ideas for the experienced traveler. When the travel bug bites, this is the book to get you started on your adventures!”

“It sucks you in…and totally changes your perspective on life.”

“I can’t WAIT to plan my next trip now…starting with Chapter 1, I just have to figure out where to go. I’m starting with the pictures on the cover! This is an awesome resource and final product. I’m recommending it to ANYone I know who has interest in getting out and seeing this beautiful world we live in!”

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  • Ingrid Dabney

    are the information on using iphone abroad written 3 years ago still relevant and up to date?

  • Michelle Moffett

    This book is a very quick read that is packed full of great tips and funny, yet informative, stories. If you’re thinking about taking a trip, or want some inspiration to get going, this is a great place to start! There’s so much planning that goes into international travel and Jackie makes sure you don’t miss anything along the way.

    She leads the way from start to finish providing everything you’ll need to plan for a trip. If you’ve never been abroad before, you will feel prepared and confident to travel. If you’re an experienced travel, I promise there’s something in there for you too! I can attest to that – I have been to 30+ countries and just returned to the states after living in Australia for most of 2013. I read Jackie’s book shortly after returning and found some great advice I wish I had known before! It also made me want to travel again, even though I’d only been back for 3 weeks…

    I highly recommend this for anyone who is even remotely interested in travel. I’ve also given a few away as Christmas gifts :) A fully prepared/planned, well budgeted travel adventure – gifts don’t get much better than that! (whether for yourself or others!)